A New Way To Think About Insurance for Your Bike and Its Rider

Homeowners policies may have a high deductible and low limits on sporting equipment, leaving bike owners with the financial burden of replacing their bikes.

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Bikeplan Benefits

Bike Theft Coverage

At home, work, and in use. It’s not fun to think about your bike being stolen. Rest a little easier knowing you have a policy to cover your bike.

Damage from a Crash

Coverage for your bike’s repair bills incurred after a major crash, damaged while in transit, and costs outside of warranty. Whether you’re at fault or not. Does not include coverage for regular maintenance or normal wear and tear.

Riding Gear

Policies include up to $500 covering theft or crash damage to your kit and helmet. For bikepackers, add extra coverage for your bags and supplies. Must be tied to a bike claim.

Medical Coverage

Optional Personal Accident coverage. $50,000 benefit for accidental death and traumatic injuries with up to $500/week short-term disability.

Coverage for All Types of Bikes

Coverage available for electric, adaptive, custom, and secondhand bikes.

Event Coverage

If a bike or personal accident claim causes you to miss a race or event, receive up to $200 towards non-refundable entry fees. Optional trip cancellation policies available upon request.

Loss of Use

Rental bike coverage included. Get yourself a loaner bike during a claim for bike theft or damage.

Personal Liability

$1 million public liability covering potential damages you may cause to a third party.

BikePlan is Dedicated Coverage for Bikes and Riders

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When I started traveling for global mountain bike races and events in 2012, I could not find a comprehensive option for my own emergency medical and bike insurance needs. My growing understanding of this gap in coverage, combined with a series of injuries and property losses, helped motivate me to build Bicycle Broker Insurance. Created as a resource to the cycling community, Bicycle Broker offers thoughtfully designed insurance recommendations tailored to the needs of today’s cyclists, and now offers BikePlan – Canada’s digital solution for bike theft, liability, and personal accident coverage.

Nick van Egmond, Founder, Bicycle Broker Insurance

BikePlan FAQ

BikePlan covers you anywhere you can legally ride in Canada or the continental United States.

What type of rider will benefit from BikePlan coverage?
In short, any and all riders between the ages of 16-82. Whether your riding falls in the “utility” category (commuting, shopping, etc.), the “enthusiast” category (riding for fitness, whatever surface(s) you enjoy), or a combination of both, BikePlan has coverage options for you starting at $35/year for 3rd party liability coverage only.

This provides your legal liability, which includes defense costs. If you injure others or damage their property, they can sue you. Yes, coverage extends for claims involving motorized vehicles.

Yes, we offer competitive event coverage which will cover you for any competing event you are in.

Yes, we cover pedal bikes with a motor on them. Providing the unit is not gas powered and its electric motor limits speeds achievable without pedaling to a max of 32 km/h.

You can purchase directly from our website if you reside in Alberta, British Columbia, or Ontario. We also have brokers available in our offices to serve you by scheduling a call. Bicycle Coverage is available at discounted rates via our preferred Bike Shop, Cycling Association, and Clubs. If you wish to get your local shop or association involved, please direct them here to become a partner.

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