BikePlan FAQ

Everything you need to know about BikePlan
If you’re between the ages of 16 – 82, we can cover you.
If your bike is worth less than $1500, BikePlan coverage for 3rd party liability only is a great option for you. This costs $35/year/bike. In addition, we do recommend Personal Accident Benefit insurance, which starts at $86/year/bike.
If your bike is worth less than $25,000.00, we suggest BikePlan coverage for 3rd party liability, Personal Accident Benefits, and Theft and Damage. If your bike’s replacement value is greater than $25,000.00 please send us an email or call us to discuss options.
So sorry to hear this. Our worst nightmare! If the missing bike is on our BikePlan, covered with Theft and Damage coverage, then you can open a claim to begin the process. Please note, theft claims take 3-weeks to resolve as there is a waiting period to determine if the bike is recovered. If found, we still recommend you take the bike to your preferred shop for an estimate of damages or missing parts. There is always a 5% deductible imposed (minimum $250, maximum $1000 CAD)
Personal Accident coverage is available to cover you. Recommended if you are not on a Group Benefits plan from work or a family member or have an existing Disability policy for yourself.

This covers losses incurred by the Insured while operating or riding as a passenger on a bicycle during the policy period. This benefit covers permanent total or partial disablement and death. Plus weekly indemnity, accidental death, ambulance expenses, medical expense reimbursement and much more. This option must be purchased with Personal Liability

No, it is only available with liability insurance.
Yes, up to 10 unique bikes or E-bikes can be insured under one master policy. If your fleet exceeds 10 bikes, please email us for custom policy options.
Yes, with certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.
BikePlan offers coverage similar to how you would insure an automobile, which includes collision, fire, and theft. A deductible applies to all losses. The deductible is 5% of the insured value, minimum $250, maximum $1000.
Start by completing an application form, we can provide custom business use policy recommendations.  Do you run a business with a larger fleet of bikes? We can help. Contact us to get paired up with a commercial broker specialist for expert recommendations.  (see ‘forms’ on our homepage for the BikePlan “Business Use” application form). 
We can issue a policy for a full year from the date either policy expires, and then add the other coverage to your policy on a pro rata basis when it expires. We can do the same if you have more than 1 unit insured and wish to have them all expire at the same time.
Yes, we offer discounts for: Membership in recognized Provincial Associations or their clubs. Local bike shops across Canada, partnered with BikePlan as approved repair facilities.
To start the claims process, please login to your account and click “Claims” to provide us with initial details. You can also contact our Vancouver office to open a claim over the phone. Your details will be provided to Lloyd’s of London third party claims team for review and they will contact you on next steps.
BikePlan does not recommend any specific lock or other security devices. You are best to use a high quality U-lock or tested, high quality chain and lock. If you’re unsure, Sold Secure’s list of Diamond rated U-locks is a good place to start. You can also visit your local bike shop for advice. We strongly recommend you NOT use any cable lock as they can but cut with something as simple and as easy to obtain as garden shears.
No. Simply put, there are too many variables involved in lock, proper lock usage, and situations in which bikes end up stolen for a lock-based discount to be a viable option at this time. We strongly recommend that you always do your best to keep your bike secure.
Yes you can. It is likely, however, that the claims examiner will recommend a pay out lower than that of the replacement value of your bike. BikePlan reserves the right to do so. It is important that you are responsible for your bike and make good decisions at all times.
You can purchase directly from our website if you reside in Alberta, British Columbia or Ontario. We also have brokers available in our Vancouver office to serve you by scheduling a call. BikePlan is available at discounted rates via our preferred Bike Shop, Cycling Association and Clubs. If you wish to get your local shop or association involved, please direct them here to become a partner.
Bicycle Broker Insurance is committed to providing excellent service, however if that service did not meet your needs or expectations, we want to hear from you! We will be pleased to work with you to resolve your issue. Email [email protected] or text (604) 913-4997
Yes you can. Enter the retail MSRP of your bike and make sure to upload photos of it in our portal. Include photos of any upgrades, your serial number, any identifying features, and photos of any and all receipts.
BikePlan covers you anywhere you can legally ride in Canada or the continental United States.
In short, any and all riders between the ages of 16-82. Whether your riding falls in the “utility” category (commuting, shopping, etc), the “enthusiast” category (riding for fitness, whatever surface(s) you enjoy) or a combination of both, BikePlan has coverage options for you starting at $35/year for 3rd party liability coverage only.
This provides your legal liability, which includes defense costs. If you injure others or damage their property, they can sue you. Yes, coverage extends for claims involving motorized vehicles.
Yes, we offer competitive event coverage which will cover you for any competing event you are in.
Yes, we cover pedal bikes with a motor on them. Providing the unit is not gas powered and its electric motor limits speeds achievable without pedaling to a max of 32 km/h.