Travel, Illness & Disability

Not just policies for gnarly bike crashes. This is for everyday life and the events that can alter it forever.


The Choice of Riders like Matt MacDuff

Less Risk. More Fun.

For Canadian residents travelling anywhere in the world and for Visitors to Canada. Our partnership with TuGo allows you to buy emergency medical policies for that quick trip across the border or for the racers and summer chasers; an annual package. By customizing your quote and selecting a particular sport, such as “DH mountain biking and Backcountry ski/snowboard” on your quote, the policy will not have any exclusions around that activity. Great for individuals visiting a bike park, entering a race or maybe you’re a professional athlete travelling for your next video part.

Critical Illness: The preventative medicine for your wallet.

Critical Illness insurance is a one-time, lump-sum payout in the event you are diagnosed with a serious condition. These insurance policies cover anywhere from four to thirty covered conditions, such as: stroke, heart attack, cancers, etc. Illness insurance has become the fastest growing health insurance product since its release in the early two-thousands, and the reason is both unfortunate and clear – more people are getting diagnosed with critical illnesses. Although a somber thought, here is something to brighten it up – more people than ever are making full recoveries! Given that this is the case, its important to have the financial help you need so you can take time off work and make a full recovery without worrying about bills. Give us a shout if you think you would suffer financial hardship in the event of a serious illness.

Disability Insurance: Protect your earning power.

There is an old question in insurance, and it goes a little something like this: if you had an atm in your home and it printed money for your family, would you insure it? Well believe it or not, this is you! The person with the most earning power should be seen as a valuable asset to the financial health and lifestyle of the family. Disability insurance is a product that protects your monthly income by offering you monthly payments in the event of your injury. While illness insurance focuses on serious conditions, disability focuses on injuries that prevent you from doing your regular work, regardless of whether you got injured on or off the job. Injury insurance is very specific to a persons occupation and can include certain exclusions based on this. Speak to Bicycle Broker today to find out what is the right fit for you!