Partner Coverage Programs

We work together with various companies to bring you the best insurance programs available.


Guides & Instructors

For businesses providing bicycle tours, lessons, and rentals. We have partnered with PMBIA to offer their active members the appropriate liability policies to operate here in BC. Have you been asked to provide proof of insurance? Do you need $10 million coverage for work at a local bike park? Is your bike shop expanding to offer new rider instructions or guided tours of your local trails? Then have your valid PMBIA information ready and request a quote.

Extended Health Coverage

Not everyone is involved in a business that has their own health insurance policy, or group benefits plan. Extended health coverage offers individuals similar coverage to that of a benefits package, but on a single person basis. This product comes in handy when dealing with owner-operator entrepreneurs, contract workers and professionals who aren’t connected to a benefit plan. Coverage items inside of an extended health policy can include: vision, prescription drugs, dental visits, chiropractic and wellness appointments, etc. Speak with Bicycle Broker today and find out if this is the right fit for your situation.