5 Reasons Why You Should Join Your Local Bike Club Or Cycling Association

Unless you truly enjoy riding solo, most cyclists would probably prefer the idea of sharing a bike ride with a bunch of people.


There’s just nothing like the thrill of getting together with a group, riding on bike trails, testing your limits, or even competing with friends. Whether you’re a road, mtb, racing, or e-bike kind of cyclist, joining a local bike club offers many perks.

From sharing advocacy to member benefits and trail updates, we’re breaking down 5 reasons why you’ll want to be part of a local bike club.



Be part of a community


There’s an old African proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We couldn’t agree more. Being part of something bigger than yourself is key to keeping things fun, sustainable, and meaningful. 


Membership benefits of bike clubs include weekly or monthly group rides. It’s an awesome way to learn from fellow cyclists, discover new bike trails, and even friends! Many clubs even organize picnics, barbecues, and other fun social events off-the-saddle. 


Keep tabs on events


Another huge perk to joining a bike club is not having to keep track of events yourself. Cycling associations or clubs make it easy to keep tabs and get priority access to organized rides in the winter, Cyclo-Cross, and Downhill sports programs. Staying up-to-date means you’ll never miss out! 


If you happen to be based in Vancouver, BC for example, there’s the North Shore Mountain Bike Association which usually keeps their calendar full of events! 


Gain access to exclusive discounts 


We may have mentioned making friends as the number one reason… But this is probably top of the list for many cyclists whether or not they’d like to admit it. Not only do you meet good riding buddies but you also get access to great savings with a membership. 


Case in point: the Ottawa Bicycle Club gets you a 10% discount in select stores they’ve partnered with for bike parts and accessories. What’s not to love? 


Access to information


Would you like to be updated on new bike trails in your area? Or the status of a trail post a heavy rainfall? How about the latest developments in your local cycling community? 


If you haven’t heard of Trailforks, you have to get on it! It’s a crowd-sourced mountain biking trail database that gives you the hot scoop on trails near you or in locations you’re travelling to. 


If you’re looking for more than what trailforks can offer, then having a membership in your local club provides you access to message boards, email lists, and even fellow members that can help keep all bike-related things fun, efficient, and educational for you!


Share the same advocacy


This is probably one of the most fulfilling reasons to join a bike club. Turning your hobby or passion into advocacy makes riding all the more worthwhile. It adds direction and purpose to your journey as a cyclist and we couldn’t be more excited about advocacy-driven communities. 


Take, for example, Ottawa Bicycle Club’s advocacy for defending and pursuing the rights of a cyclist. They spread awareness through educating cyclists and facilitating safe group cycling on public roads. And then there’s Collingwood Cycling Club advocating Defensive Cycling practices that accommodate both cyclists and drivers. 


Are you passionate about opening up more bike lanes in your city? Or is there something else that you’d like to see happening. Whatever your cause is, there’s an abundance of riding clubs, each championing a worthy cause! 


We hope these reasons inspired you to look for a community. Who knows where else your community can take you? It’s not just about the journey itself but the people you’re with that make the best trips. 

Ready to maximize your cycling life? 

Remember to stay safe as you connect and explore with your new bike buddies! New trails and sporting events are best met with proper safety measures. There’s no better way to enjoy new adventures than knowing you’re secure. If your bike isn’t insured yet, click here to get an instant quote at Bicycle Broker!  


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