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Commercial Liability

A commercial general liability policy protects your business from claims made against it for bodily injury and third-party property damage. A CGL is a comprehensive coverage that helps check-off several areas of concern, such as products the business makes, operations, spaces it leases or rents, assets the company owns, and other general areas of concern. These policies are usually mandated when entering into working contracts as reassurance that the company is insured appropriately.

General liability policies are both complex and confusing, so it’s the job of your insurance agent to not only get the risk approved but also explain it in detail. Bicycle Broker prides itself on breaking down coverages for clients so they understand what they are buying and protecting. Give us a call today.

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Commercial Property

More often than not, commercially-owned property is added under a general liability policy, however, it can be insured on a stand-alone basis as well. Whether you are looking to insure corporately owned or lease offices, equipment such as a fleet of e-bikes used for delivery services, trail builders with excavators and diggers, or the company’s building, we can help. Bicycle Broker understands that no company is alike and therefore demands its own insurance strategy – that’s what we do.

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