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Whether you’re a pro athlete or a casual rider, your bike deserves special coverage. Bicycle Broker works with you to find the best policy to fit your bike and your style.

Theft & Damage Coverage
for All Cyclists

Did you handpick every component on your new bike? Maybe you bought your first E-bike to get back into cycling or you’re racing every weekend with a fleet of bikes. When an individual bicycle is valued over $3,000 we help find you comprehensive coverage. As specialists in sports insurance and avid cyclists, we are proud to offer policies designed for the bike community. Insurance for your favourite bike or the whole fleet.

Pricing starting at $15 per month.

Program Features


Bike Theft

At home, work and in use. It's not fun to think about your bike being stolen. Rest a little easier knowing you have a policy to cover your bike.

From a Crash

Coverage for your bike's repair bills incurred after a major crash, when not under warranty or due to wear 'n' tear.


Policies include up to $500 covering crash damage to your kit and helmet. For the bikepackers, add extra theft coverage for your bags and supplies.

E-bikes, Custom Builds & 2nd Hand Bikes

Pedal assist and full throttle classes 1-4 are covered up to 800w. Got a unique or used bike? We can work with your local shop on an estimate so you're covered for the proper replacement value.


Optional accident benefits and travel insurance. Covering riders for all types of cycling, including professional racing.


If a bike claim causes you to miss a race or event. Get $200 towards non-refundable fees. Optional trip cancellation policies upon request.

of Use

If you bike is lost, damaged or stolen in transit or at an event. We help with coverage for a short-term rental bike.


$1 million public liability covering potential damages you may cause to a third party.

Optimize your Current Insurance Policies

You might already have enough protection through your homeowners and other insurance policies. Bicycle Broker can conduct an insurance optimization review to make sure you have the best property coverage solutions.

Some of Our Partners

Experts On & Off the Trail

We are a rider-owned company with the goal of lowering your overall risk. When you book a meeting with Bicycle Broker, it’s not just a discussion about insurance, it’s education regarding first aid services, bike security, and money saving strategies. Our recommendations can help lower the price of insurance for cycling businesses and everyday bike enthusiasts here in British Columbia. With the rapidly increasing number of new bike riders, we built a company for guidance and consultation. We bring our experience working with professional riders, major events, associations, and retailers to the general public.

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Looking for something just a bit different? We can help you find the right coverage for you at the right price.

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