Custom Bike Builds and Paint Jobs

What better way to show your bike some love than to display it for
all the world to see? Whether you’re an avid mountain bike enthusiast, a pro
racer, or a daily commuter, your bike has become an extension of you.
Customizing it is a great way to level up the fun and experience of riding
something you can truly be proud of. 

This post shares two exciting ways to personalize your bike and
the process of transforming it into a bespoke masterpiece on wheels. Ready?
Let’s go!

How can I customize my bike?

There are a ton of fun ways to upgrade your bike’s look and feel.
But, if you want an overall revamp of its aesthetic, we suggest trying out:

  • Bike Paint:
    A growing trend with cyclists who want to stand out or refresh their
    favourite bike. Some cyclists may even use it to promote


  • Custom Frames: You
    can either order from stock or get a fully customized fit and design
    tailored to your liking. 

Either option is a great and fun way to level up your bike. Check out our founder, Nick’s custom gravel bike upgrade for ideas on what you can do for yours! 

Trusting the process

Now that you have some ideas on how to do a complete overhaul of
your bike’s design, we will break down what the process may look like for you.
(Trust us, it’s way more enjoyable than you’d think – especially if you know
where to go.)

Remember that each bike shop and professional will vary in their
approach and method when it comes to transforming your bike. The key is to find
someone experienced and willing to really get to the core of your vision and
cycling needs. You’ll want pros who enjoy the journey just as much as

Landyachtz Bikes is amazing at providing customized designs and builds based on
their rider’s specifications. 


1.   Meet With Your Trusted Pro

Get ready to discuss your needs and vision for your bike. This is where the fun starts! You get to meet with your preferred bike shop or professional and discuss what you want in your dream bike. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your bike frame, they may ask you about your riding style and cycling needs. If you want to revamp your bike’s current look, you may explore paint and other material options together. With certain bike shops, you can even do both upgrades at once!  Researching specs or design pegs before your meeting would be a great help.   

2.  Talk Details With Them

Here you’ll get into the nitty gritty of your bike’s design, finishing options, and component choices based on your initial discussion. With Landyachtz Bikes, you may even have this over a beer or coffee at their 1146 Union shop. 

Things get real and a budget is worked out for your dream bike. Some shops may require deposits, and these modifications could start at $500.

3.  Make Sure It’s a Fit

Should you decide to go for a customized frame, you can be fitted over an in-person session or send your specs to the shop via email, phone, or video call. (It may vary per shop.) Frames may come in steel or titanium with exciting add-ons you can choose from, such as paint and anodizing options. 

4.  Building

The transformation starts here. Shops with great customer service will keep you in the loop when it comes to your bike’s paint job and/or frame building. Feel free to ask for photos along the way! Depending on the provider, custom bikes can take anywhere between 30 to 90 days to finish after your first fitting. And after all that, you’ll have your shiny dream bike waiting for you to take it out for a spin. 

Money Well Spent or Down The Trail?

Owning a bike is an investment but is an upgrade really worth it? Why and how you use your bike matters less than how happy you’ll be on it. 

And while style and improved specs are always welcome, make sure safety is your top priority. After all, what’s the point of having a decked-out bike if you’re not insured? Review to BikePlan today to find out what the right insurance is for you! We have flexible packages to choose from, and you can customize them for your shiny new ride. 

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