Trail Building: Pioneering Sustainable Trails

Exploring the Trail Landscape

In the world of bike trails, the variety is vast – from the tranquil beauty of gravel-laden paths winding effortlessly through the woods to the rugged , technical trails that seem challenging even for a seasoned MTB rider. Amidst this diversity, a distinction arises between trails crafted by “rogue” builders and those officially sanctioned by local governments, associations, and landowners. These sanctioned trails are where Trail Holistics, a group of trail-building experts and consultants based in British Columbia, take center stage.

Trail Holistics’ focus on Sanctioned Trails

Specializing in the development, creation, and management of sanctioned bike trails, Trail Holistics is at the nexus of a meticulous process of approval. Their commitment ensures alignment with environmental considerations, safety standards, and community interests. In this dynamic landscape, Trail Holistics brings a wealth of expertise, infusing a professional touch into the conception and execution of bike trails that not only thrill enthusiasts but also stand as sustainable additions harmonizing with their surroundings.

Multidisciplinary Excellence in Trail Building

As a powerhouse in BC-based trail building, Trail Holistics assembles a team of experts passionate about the outdoors. Their collective knowledge spans forestry, resource management, risk assessment, and community planning. This multidisciplinary approach enables Trail Holistics to navigate the complexities of trail development, ensuring each project is not only a thrilling adventure for riders but also a responsible and sustainable addition to the natural landscape.

A Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

In a world witnessing an increased demand for quality trails, Trail Holistics stands as a beacon of excellence. Collaborating closely with local authorities and landowners, they strive to create biking experiences that strike the perfect balance between exhilaration and environmental responsibility. Whether designing trails that harmonize with natural terrain or conducting impact assessments for sustainability, Trail Holistics is dedicated to shaping a future where every biking trail is a testament to thoughtful planning and a deep love for the great outdoors.

Empowering Through Education

In addition to their trail-building prowess, Trail Holistics extends their impact through various workshops. These include Level I and II Trail Building, Adaptive MTB Trail Design and Build, Strategic Planning for Trail Associations, and more. Scott and Nick from the Bicycle Broker staff had the privilege to join one of these workshops, specifically a Level I course held on a late November weekend. Thanks in part to CMBTA and the Sunshine Coast Trail Society for coordinating Mark’s workshop.

The course commenced with classroom sessions, delving into industry standards, guidelines, and best management practices for sustainable trail construction, repair, and maintenance. Topics included layout/design, trail assessment, realignment & repair, hazard & structure assessment, classification, and risk management. The second day brought everything together with a hands-on project, creating a re-route on a green-rated climb trail. With 18 people armed with hand tools, a new trail masterpiece emerged for the Sprockids Trail Network. The day concluded with reflections on accomplishments and discussions on applying newfound knowledge to future projects.

If you are looking for more information on Trail Holistics, their website has lots of great information. And if you happen to run a trail network or trail building company and would like to discuss an insurance review, reach out to Bicycle Broker – Services available in BC, AB, ON and NS. 

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