4 Reasons Why Bike Registration Will Save You Anxiety And Money

The worst has happened . Your bike’s been stolen.

There’s a slight existential crisis brewing inside you when you suddenly remember that your homeowners policy covers your bike. There is hope! You’re still bikeless for tomorrow, and most likely even for the next week. You’ll also need to open a claim, pay a deductible, and wait.


But, ever wonder what would happen if your stolen bike was found? How would you be notified? You’ve reported it to the police but what if it was recovered in the US or another province? 


While most bikes have a serial number that helps you claim your bike, there’s no VIN number system set up like the ones we have for cars. So even if the police force were to find your bike, they have no way of knowing who the bike belongs to.

If you’re like most bike owners, the attachment and hassle of being without a bike may cause more stress than having to buy another one. Which is why a solution for this problem has been a long time coming. And we’re super grateful that it’s finally arrived:



Bike registration. 


Such a simple idea, made more valuable by the number of people who use it.


Here’s why bike registration can make your life easier if and when you do lose your bike:


1. The stolen bike epidemic is real.

Every year, more than two million bikes are stolen in North America alone. A bike is stolen every 30 seconds. If you’ve spent enough time biking around in a major city, the chances of you getting your bike stolen are impressively high. That’s the unfortunate reality of being a biker.

So invest in a good quality, reliable bike lock, and use it. Even if you’re dipping into a store for 30 seconds. We recommend the high-quality U-lock to avoid bike theft. Never rely on a cable lock. They are flimsy and very easy to break.



2. Find it. Claim it.


It is hard to prove ownership of a bike without a bike registration. It would definitely help to keep a copy of the serial number of your bike (before it’s stolen, of course). Having it registered will also streamline the process of finding and claiming your bike.



3. Finding stolen bikes is easier when there’s an entire community involved in the search.

Every registered bike is a step closer to better bike security for the whole community. When registered bikes are stolen, the whole community is alerted. The police, insurance companies, as well as fellow biking commuters, can check listings and photos to help spot your stolen bike, thereby increasing the chances of it being found.

4. Thieves will have a harder time reselling your stolen bike.

Part of improving bike security in your community entails discouraging thieves from easily disposing of stolen goods. Because registered bikes are part of an extensive database, buyers can easily cross-check listings to avoid buying a stolen bike. 


If you’ve just bought a bike, whether it’s new or second hand – it’s going to hurt when you lose it. Avoid bike theft by making sure you register your bike, always lock it, and report theft immediately. 


Registration only takes five minutes and it’s completely free. Download the 529 Garage smartphone app to enlist your bike in North America’s largest searchable database. In the event of bike theft, inform the 529 Garage community and report it to your local police force.  


Recovering a bike was never so easy and coverage is available if your missing bike never turns up. Click here for an instant quote.



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