6 Tips for travelling cyclists

By now, a lot of us have probably gone through several waves of “cabin fever”. Most of us may have spent our time indoors binge-watching Netflix shows, a few of us might have picked up some new cooking skills, and then the rarest of the rare, those who would have discovered their passion for… crocheting? No matter what your pandemic journey looked like, one thing is for sure —  people are desperate to get out and satiate their wanderlust!


Recent announcements of restrictions easing up have opened the doors for travelling once again. And for many of us cyclists, it’s indeed beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Our eyes brighten again as we fantasize about being crammed into cabins with a hundred other people and their germs and eating the oh-so-sweet terrible airline food. Life is good again!

Though the face of travelling may be slightly altered (thank you, COVID), if you’re lucky enough to be able to plan a trip overseas, we’ve gathered a few tips for traveling cyclists that could come in handy.


    1. For the cyclist whose visiting Canada

Checking out Whistler Bike Park or Coast Gravity? Consider adding an exclusion-free travel medical plan to your pre-flight checklist if you’re planning to visit some of our world-famous scenic trails.


See what’s included: From COVID travel insurance to sports travel insurance, or even insurance against bike trip cancellations. Being covered when it matters can make a huge difference. You never know when the need arises. We also have partnerships with event organizers and cycling venues to offer an easy solution for out-of-country
emergency medical coverage.


     2. For the Canadian cyclist traveling abroad


Attending a racing event? How about a mountain bike trip? If you’re crossing the border for a trip to the US, their cycling infrastructure is amazing. Do you know what else is amazing? Bike accident insurance, cross border insurance, COVID travel insurance and  (thanks again, COVID) bike trip cancellation insurance.


If you regularly plan international trips for the love of biking, emergency medical policies are an absolute MUST. The icing on the cake? You can tailor your insurance to your travel and sporting needs. Read on further for our trusted insurance partner. 


     3. For the competitive and professional athlete


We’ve sent athletes around the world to compete in events like the RedBull Rampage, Enduro World Series, Olympic Games, World Cup XC/DH mountain biking, and more. If you’re a pro biker, chances are you already have a long term insurance coverage tailored to your lifestyle and activities.


But on the off chance that you’re not and if you’re just starting out, we highly recommend getting a policy with athlete insurance or mountain bike travel insurance depending on your needs. Nowadays policies are more flexible. You can select a particular sport and duration in your quote!


     4. For new Canada residents


Depending on which province you’re from, you may end up waiting up to 3 months before your provincial health insurance kicks in.


Rather than being on your couch during this period, get in touch with the ministry of health in your province to see how long you’ll need to wait and then get yourself some private health insurance or specific mountain bike travel insurance to cover your healthcare needs for the interim. We wouldn’t risk doing the most daring stunts during this period if we were you, but do make sure you’re covered before hitting the trails or the road.


     5. For Canadian citizens


If you’re already a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, know that you can apply for public health insurance. You might still need to save up and have to pay for some specific healthcare services, but having access to a health insurance card can save you loads of money in the event of general emergencies.



   6. For those looking for a little extra coverage


Whether you’re looking to get an emergency medical policy for a short trip, an annual insurance package, or even disability insurance, always read the fine print before you buy. After getting the policy, comply with it!


Doing your research on the right policy or adding it on to your current one may seem like a huge hassle before your next trip, but trust us when we say it’s worth it!


Do you have cycling insurance? If you haven’t secured a policy yet, speak to Bicycle Broker today to find out what the right insurance is for you! We have flexible packages to choose from and you can customize it for your #cyclinglife. 




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