7 Reasons To Visit Your Local Bike Shop

Local bike shops have long served as the backbone of the cycling community in Canada. 


They’re THE place to go for buying your new bike, getting any and all bike repair work done, and securing all the essential gear for life on the saddle. 


While online browsing may seem more convenient, there’s way more satisfaction guaranteed when you shop in-person at a local bike shop.

Here are 7 reasons why we prefer local bike shops for all things bike-related! 

1. Great Service, Pro Advice

Buying a bike is much like buying a car. It’s an investment and you’ll most likely have a lot of questions. So whether you’re getting your first one, shifting from road to mtb, or upgrading your equipment, there’s no better place than your local bike shop. 


Not only will you leave with a shiny new bike but you’ll also have an expert at your disposal helping you shop for the bike of your dreams by giving you valuable nuggets of information to help you max out your bikes’ features. 


And of course, there’s nothing like going home knowing that you made a sound decision and found a bike that matches your exact needs and lifestyle.


2. Test Rides

We’ve said it earlier and we’ll say it again; buying a bike is much like vehicle shopping. There are numerous technicalities to it. 


But apart from the specs, just like with clothes – fit is important. You’ll want to get a feel of what it’s really like to be on the saddle and get a sense of whether it suits your style or not. 


At your local bike shops, you’ll be able to sit on the saddle, gauge how the handles feel, take the bike for a spin around the shop, and truly connect with it before making a purchase.


3. Guided Rides, Cycling Routes, Trained Coaching

If you’re looking to level up your cycling skills and add a tonne of technical experience under your belt, some local bike shops organize weekly group rides and trained coaching with PMBIA certifications


They’re a great way for you to explore the city and socialize with others.  Landyachtz Bikes’ Gravel Guide provides a bunch of routes around Greater Vancouver that we’ve personally tried and enjoyed, and we know you will too.


4. Updates and Upgrades

Staying in touch with your local bike shop also means staying up-to-date with the latest biking gear. 


Whether it’s personnel gear or protective films like RideWrap, you can be in the know of every new safety or protective accessory to enhance your cycling experience, and keep your bike in stellar shape.

5. Socials

Scenic vistas, challenging trails, and cycling hacks are best shared with great company. Meeting fellow enthusiasts not only makes the ride more fun, but also safer – and local bike shops have the resources to help you find your crew.


With a bunch of events lining most of their calendars, with some exclusive perks for members, bike shop events are a great place to meet your future biking buddies.


6. Exclusive Deals or Price Matching

While most take to online shopping for the convenience and competitive pricing, there are a few local bike shops that may offer their loyal customers exclusive discounts and possibly even price match some products with online listings. 


Local businesses usually have a knack for providing personalized services and rewarding customer loyalty that an online business just can’t match. 


7. Emergency Repairs and Access to Parts

When you hit an emergency on a bike trip – who comes to your rescue? Certainly not any online shop – no matter how fast they claim they can ship to you! It’s usually your local bike shop that stocks up on parts, who you rely on. 


Whether you’ve got loose bolts, a flat, or a slipped chain, local shops usually have seasoned bike mechanics for emergency repairs and urgent services. 


They may even help you with providing bike crash estimates or bike replacement parts to get your ride back up and running ASAP. Simply put, they’re there when you need them most. 

Going into a bike shop always feels so gratifying, because you end up learning way more about the bike and leave with tidbits of information to help you enhance your biking experiences. You also get great conversation out of it, with someone who is as excited as you are about finding you the perfect bike.


Do you own or work for a local bike shop? 

Bicycle Broker is building a directory of approved estimates and repair facilities. It is vital to our claims process to help cyclists with damaged or stolen bikes get back out on two wheels. 

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