How to Improve Bike Security in Your Home and at Work

The punches that hurt the most are the ones you don’t see coming and the same goes with losing your beloved bike. It can get stolen and when it does, it will hurt. 


The good news? You have full control over improving your bike security. Whether it’s stored in the garage or parked at work, we’re laying down some easily overlooked tips to keep the bike thieves away.

Here are 3 key questions to assess: 

What are the possible entry points to your garage?

The main garage door

Your home may seem like the safest place for your bike but do you know how easy it is to open a typical garage door? Just by pushing in the top panel and using a wire coat hanger, a thief can activate the emergency release mechanism to pry it open in a matter of seconds. 


You can prevent this from happening by installing either a Garage Door Defender, Garage Door Armor, or a Garage Shield to block thieves from easily opening your main door. Another convenient option is to use a Geeni Spot Smart Wi-Fi plug so you can kill the power to your garage door opener remotely.   


The side door/service door

Some thieves prefer entering your garage through the side door where they can break in and stay out of sight from your neighbors. Unfortunately, most exterior service doors can be hacked into with a solid kick but a few simple upgrades can strengthen this entry point. 


If your back, side or exterior door has a hollow core and standard turnkey lock, consider switching it with a strong deadbolt. You can further enhance your door’s security by replacing the strike plate with a reinforced one and by securing it with 3-inch screws. 


What are the best ways to secure your bike indoors and outdoors?

Securing your bike inside your home (indoors, garages or sheds)

Strengthening the locks of your doors is only half the solution. If seasoned thieves break-in, you’ll want to make it harder for them to leave with your bike. 


To double up on your security, it’s best to fix your bike to an immovable object. In fact, some insurance policies require this measure. For garage and sheds, your best bet would be a heavy-duty floor anchor secured into concrete. Should you wish to mount your bike on a wall, a wall anchor screwed into a fencepost or shed panel should be good.


And while you’re at it, why not add a simple Garage Door Sensor to alert you for any break-ins? It’s cheap and easy to install, and worth the extra protection. 


Securing your bike outside your home (parking or public spaces)

The truth is, bike theft can happen day or night. No matter where you’ve decided to park your bike, just make sure to choose a well-lit area that can be easily seen by passers-by. 


It would also be ideal to ensure that the lock of your bike goes through both its wheels, the frame, and the post you’re securing it to. And here’s another pro tip, make sure your lock doesn’t touch the ground to prevent thieves from using a sledgehammer to cut it off.


As much as possible, avoid parking in the same place every day to refrain from becoming a predictable target. If you’re looking for a network of secure parking locations, Green Spirit Technologies provides safe bike storage and safety solutions in the Lower Mainland. 


And lastly, we highly recommend investing in a high-quality U-lock (or D-Lock), instead of a flimsy cable lock that’s easy to break. U-locks and D-Locks are relatively small and light, making them more portable to carry around.

Is your bike insured and registered?

It’s unpleasant to think of the worst that could happen but equally comforting to know that just in case your bike got stolen, you’re secured. Registering your bike and getting insurance are two ways to further protect yourself from bike theft – beyond the physical fortresses you’ve already built.


Just make sure to read the fine print on your bike insurance policy and see whether it covers you for theft away from home. It may even cover bike accidents based on your cycling lifestyle and needs! 


As for registering your bike, you can do this in five minutes using the simple smartphone app of 529 Garage. It’s North America’s largest searchable database for listed bikes which helps their owners easily identify their bikes, report stolen ones, and prevent thieves from selling them online. 


Doing your research on the right policy or getting your bike listed may seem like a nuisance. But trust us when we say you’ll be thanking yourself if and when the time comes to claim your policy or stolen bike. 

Better safe than stolen

We hope you found these tips simple and practical enough to implement ASAP! Some of these measures may take you a bit of time but others are quick and easy to execute. Investing time and energy into securing your bike, will not be something you’ll regret. Remember that prevention is always cheaper than cure.

Do you have cycling insurance? If you haven’t secured a policy yet, speak to Bicycle Broker today to find out what the right fit is for you! They have flexible packages to choose from and can be customized to fit your cyclinglife.

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