Dark Horse: A Freeride MTB Camp For The Girls

Dark Horse, an exclusive, invite-only event hosted by Revelstoke Mountain Resort, is a groundbreaking initiative that brings together the world’s best female free ride mountain biking athletes for a weekend filled with jumps, spa treatments, health education, and collaborative learning. Conceived by Casey Brown and meticulously organized by Louise Hatton’s Jigsaw Events, this unique platform that not only showcases participants’ incredible riding skills but also fosters an environment for personal and professional development.

Over the course of four days, participants of Dark Horse are immersed in a multifaceted experience that goes beyond the adrenaline-fuelled jumps. The first three days are dedicated to learning to navigate the biggest jumps ever constructed by Revelstoke Mountain Resort, providing a challenging terrain for the athletes to showcase their prowess and push the boundaries of their skills.

In addition to the pre riding sessions, Dark Horse offers a comprehensive schedule that includes seminars and workshops focused on empowering female athletes in the MTB world. Participants engage in discussions on what it takes to be a high-performance free ride athlete in today’s landscape. Moreover, they benefit from workshops covering essential aspects such as social media management, nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness.

The event is not only a platform for skill development but also a celebration of the camaraderie among the participants. The culmination of the week is marked by a spectator-filled jam session on the jump course. This event is not just a display of extraordinary riding skills but also a peer-judged competition, where participants evaluate each other’s performances. The crowning moment is the presentation of the prestigious Dark Horse Award, recognizing the most impressive rider of the entire event.


Sponsored by Bicycle Broker and other supporters, Dark Horse stands out as more than just a mountain biking competition; it’s a holistic training camp, a community-building experience, and a crucial step towards advancing the progress of female athletes in the male-dominated world of free ride mountain biking. With its unique blend of extreme sports, education, and collaboration, Dark Horse continues to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of women’s mountain biking, inspiring the next generation of riders to reach new heights.

“My vision is to create a women’s freeride event that is welcoming, inclusive and focused on progression. I’ve had a dream to build a proper jump line for a while. I’m happy that this event has become an annual celebration for women on bikes and has put a spotlight on women’s freeriding.Casey Brown

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