BASECAMP GRAVEL: Find Your Pace, It’s Not A Race

The bike scene can be intimidating at times. Do I have the right bike? Do I have the cool bike? Am I fast and strong enough? Am I wearing the right kit? Should I even be at this event? Well, what if we told you that  there was a bike event that was so inclusive that these questions don’t even exist, and if they do, the resounding answer is… Why does it even matter?

Photo: Deon Nel

Enter BASECAMP Gravel. An event run the last few years by Jessy Hoffman that is changing the way bike events are held. Happening annually around late May/early June, in Summerland BC, this event is  unlike any other.

As the motto states, “find your pace, it’s not a race”, the event truly lives up to it. There are no timing chips and no pacing categories. Everyone starts at the same time and everyone crosses the finishing line to a full on party! In fact, in past years, the riders crossing the line later  received much more fan fare than the faster people.

photo: Stef Curtis

The crowd at this event is quite the spectacle and everything you could dream of.  People riding bikes of all kinds, cyclists of all varieties.  Everyone from real pro riders to cyclists that are embarking on their first gravel ride, and they’re  all there  for the same reason. To have the best time riding bikes in a beautiful setting surrounded by an amazing community.

The route for the event has a few options. The full route usually being around 90km and 1500m with a second smaller option of around 50km with 600m of elevation. The route changes every  year and there is never a shortage of amazing views and there’s  always rest stops with resupply snacks, drinks and music to keep you pumped up.

Photo: Deon Nel

For the last two years the event has been held at the Summerland Rodeo Grounds with plenty of room for camping and good times. Everyone shows up on Friday and after the  Saturday ride, the fun doesn’t end. There are food trucks, a bar, guest speakers, a sponsor showcase, and most importantly, a DJ-fueled dance  party that runs into the early hours of the morning.

All in all, this might be one of the most fun cycling events around  and it is a breath of fresh air in the world of cycling events. Don’t forget to follow BASECAMP on Instagram and keep watch on their web page  for details on this years event.  And remember to reach out to us at Bicycle Broker for some insurance to keep you and your bike safe during events!

Photo: Deon Nel

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